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Jewish Senior Services :: The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home
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    The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, like the entire Jewish community of Omaha, has a proud history.

    Dating back to as early as 1917,
    the Omaha Jewish Community has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide quality services and programs for seniors. Continuously assessing whether the established setting meets the ever-changing needs of seniors, the Jewish community purchased a parcel of property and in 1947 opened the Dr. Philip Sher Home, named for the beloved Omaha doctor/philanthropist. The Sher Home served the community well until its doors were closed in 1982.

    Why did it close? Because the new Rose Blumkin Jewish Home was complete and ready for the first occupants to move in. Since that time the RBJH has been a gold standard for quality care and engaging activities.

    A New Beginning

    Once again, to meet the needs of our Residents, the Home is undergoing changes. A full building renovation and addition is underway to take the Blumkin Home into the future. Residents here are lively people; people whose lives are filled with activities, entertainment, family and friends. The new building will reflect the vibrancy of these Residents and provide them with more space and flexibility for time with their visiting family or to participate in group or individual pursuits.

    Plans for the new home include a new Special Care Unit and improved facilities for our Full Circle Rehabilitation programs.

    To understand what we have at the Blumkin Home, a visitor need only take a walk around the building. See what our Residents are doing and notice that most are involved in some activity. From exercise programs to movies, from ceramics classes to bingo, from current event discussions to sing-a-longs, these seniors’ lives are lively! The future is bright at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.
Mission Statement
    The Mission of Jewish Senior Services is to fulfill the Mitzvah (commandment) of


    Jewish Senior Services pledges to provide our Jewish aging with the necessary and appropriate programs and services to enhance the quality, comfort and dignity of their lives. Jewish law, custom and tradition will be respected.
Vision Statement
    Jewish Senior Services will be recognized for its leadership in meeting the needs of the elderly community and contributing to the quality of life for the larger Omaha Jewish community.

    Jewish Senior Services is to be defined by its inherent Jewish character, connection to the campus and larger community, and as a destination for Residents, families and staff.

    The fact that people are living longer is both a blessing and a responsibility. Judaism teaches that the elderly be held in the highest regard—that they are worthy of special treatment. It is the responsibility of the Jewish family to support its parents and other elderly relatives.
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Jewish Senior Services :: The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home
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